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            • Email Us ahmedenterprise13@gmail.com


            About Us

            Nowadays, most of the items are made out of leather. It helps in adding a new shine to the item, and further helps in making the products durable. Are you looking for the best Leather Exporter In India? In case, the answer is towards positive side, then there is only one name for you to bang on. Join hands with Ahmed Enterprise, and believe in the top-notch quality services of leading Leather Exporter In Kolkata. Working for so many years down the line,it is easier for our company to handle all your problems, with ease. No matter whatever kind of leather sheets you are looking for, we are proud to present it to you.

            A little history about our firm:

            Our journey as the Leather Goods Manufacturer India, started in the year 2008. Our services and company name has already been registered in the Kolkata Registrar of companies. We belong to the current Private Company class, with items, which are impeccable and just perfect! Other than being the best ever Leather Goods Manufacturer Kolkata, our company has further gained name as the leading leather dressing and tanning company, over here. We believe in hard work, and you can check that out through our quality products.

            Focal area of our company:

            Want to know more about the focal area of us, your leading Quality Leather Exporter India? For that, you have to go through the available points, mentioned below. Our company mainly focuses on:

            • Development of quality leather items
            • Designing field of our leather products
            • Manufacturing some of the top-notch quality items within affordable rates
            • Marketing for the best ever products within competitive prices

            Apart from the points mentioned above, we, your Quality Leather Exporter Kolkata, further engage our work in manufacturing some of the best quality saddler harness, luggage handbags and even leather finished goods, of optimal quality only. We are never going to compromise on the quality of our items.

            Main aim of our company:

            The primary aim of Ahmed Enterprise is to offer clients with only satisfactory result. Our experience and finest quality items made us the best name in the list of Leather Products Manufacturer In India. We are the sole proprietorship based firm, engaged in constructing and exporting finest quality cow split leather fabrics. Moreover, procure milled leather fabrics and even antique leather fabrics from our side. Thanks to the hard work of our proprietor, Mr. Imran Ahmed, we have already marked a strong footprint in this current industry. You can always rely on us, as your leading Leather Products Exporter India, in this competitive market.

            Reasons behind our success:

            Want to know what makes us the best ever Leather Goods Exporter? For that, the points mentioned below, will help:

            • Following proficient business policies
            • Well-equipped facility
            • Timely delivery from experienced professionals
            • Easy payment gateways and client centric approach

            Our infrastructure facility made us a valuable Leather Goods Exporter In India. We are able to deliver only top-notch quality products, which are hard to avail from our competitors. Our leather manufacturer in Kolkata manages business rules for finest operational services.